Neve Tzedek

The neighborhood was established in the year 1887, 22 years before the establishment of Tel Aviv, by Jewish families who wanted to live outside of the densely populated Jaffa. Throughout the following years new neighborhoods were built surrounding Neve Tzedek, the Ahva neighborhood, Neve Shalom and Camp Yosef, mainly populated by immigrants from North Africa and Yemen, who united into a single neighborhood called Shavzi neighborhood. Writers artists, and intellectuals in the flourishing neighborhood as early of the 20 th Century. With the large Aliyah of the 50s many of the immigrants moved in and during the 60s it deteriorated and appeared dilapidated with a reputation of rising crime. In the beginning of the 80s s tendency to return to the neighborhood, mainly young adults and artists who lived adjacent to the side of the senior residents and a process of renovation and renewed and designed construction began alongside the old and neglected homes. Currently it embodies a Bohemia chic which is known about for distances, a cultural center for movement and dance, educational institutions  synagogues for every ethnic group and Torah chantinging style, community center, restaurants and meticulous stores. In the neighborhood one can find private homes, common homes adjacent  to the ground, spacious apartments and prestigious penthouses. The neighborhood was declared for preservation and the city incurs rules for preserving its magical beauty. Its unique fabric and its distance is composed from the senior residents, artists, architects, families and new immigrants.