The sale of properties

My small and efficient staff of mine including myself, attempt to make an above and beyond attempt to create exposure and sell your property.  I oftentimes utilize business partners and connections with agents and real estate agents, from a wide circle, in order to close the sale. My staff is composed of a handful of specialists in all of the fields that are related to the property sales, from the preparation stage of the property to the sale, photos, property plans, preparation, advertisement, marketing, follow-up, with a high level of sensitivity after the negotiation management and the closing of the transaction.  All of these I carry out while creating exposure on a daily basis to your property and the rest of the properties that I represent. I would be overjoyed to lead you, through a sale in a decent timeframe and at a requested price to the future property you choose to purchase.

Purchasing a Property

seeking out to purchase your home in Tel Aviv?  My small and efficient staff and I are very familiar with the neighborhoods, who embody unique characteristics for Tel Aviv, the heart of the city, Neve Tzedek, Florentine, proximity to the beach, Kerem Hateymanim, North Jaffa and the Shapira neighborhoods for a period of 25 years.  I would be overjoyed to help you find the next property you fall in love with and which will be economically suitable for you. I would assist you in making the right step, which I can due to my experience in the area, in selling and purchasing in a unique environment of the heart of Tel Aviv and the Southern Heart.

Leasing properties

community project – the service for leasing my properties is adapted to the younger renters and property holders who are interested in service and are familiar of the fact that it is subsidized for renters.  My small and efficient staff and I will find you the next leased apartment in exchange with the mediation costs totaling 1,000 NIS for apartments which need to be paid once a month for 7,000 to 1,500 NIS as mediation costs and for the monthly leased apartments for 7,000 – 10,000 NIS along with mediation costs at a rate of 50% from the monthly apartment lease payment for apartments whose lease rate is above 10,000 NIS.