Hello, my name is Gadi, and I am an initiator in the hi-tech field. I have been acquainted with Eli Eshel for several years now and he offered me his help in promoting the sale of my home and finding a new apartment. In the first stage I felt that our apartment us raising a greater deal of interest than I anticipated, several offers began to stream offers at a pace that raised a great deal of enthusiasm regarding the apartment which we sought out and the budget we had at our possession was more clear and equal. I think that what caused a change is the precise advertising and the use of various platforms than are usually utilized. Even the apartment we purchased we found with the help of broad information and photos we received and helped us to seek out a smaller selection but the types that were more suitable to our demands and possibilities. The process was simple, pleasant and relatively quick.


My name is Yafit Carmel and I treat people using Chinese Acupuncture and Holistic Massage. I was seeking out a leased apartment for me and my daughter, at a budget which is sufficiently high, in the southern part of the city. The search in the notice boards was lengthy and difficult and I arrived at apartments which did not correspond whatsoever with the information they advertised. I referred to two mediators, friends, and already in the first three offers I received from Eli Eshel I knew that I am on the way to my new apartment and this was actually what happened. The mediation costs I paid were a total of 1,000 NIS.


Hello, my name is Iris. My husband and I work at Microsoft Amazon, accordingly and for several years have lived in different locations, including Europe and the United States. Recently we decided to return to Israel and rent an apartment in the first stage. Our preference was obviously the area we are familiar with, the northern portion of the city. Eli offered his help in our search and in turn we were offered a small and quality variety of apartments according to our requirements as a family and a budget which gradually decreased more and more since the apartments were simply new and sufficiently appropriate